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Infrastructure Services

Bridge replacementFunctions & Links

  1. Engineering Guidelines
  2. GIS
  3. Solar Dashboard
  4. Engineering Studies
    1. Malloy Drain Master Drainage Plan
    2. 8 Mile Lake Master Drainage Plan
    3. Battersea Master Drainage Plan
    4. Tiffin Drain Master Drainage Plan


The Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for the sustainable management and development of infrastructure throughout the County.  All of the County’s Capital Projects that relate to infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, stormwater systems and facilities and managed within the department through the County’s Asset Management Program.  Any new residential, commercial, or industrial developments within the County are also reviewed by the department to ensure compliance with County standards, guidelines, and policies.  The County’s Geographical Information System is maintained and updated regularly to ensure the public and staff have access to up-to-date information, and as well the County’s 150+ bridges are inspected through the department.

For more information contact:

Devon Thiele
Director, Development and Infrastructure