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Fire Permits

No Fire Ban

Fire permits are being issued and are required for most burning activities.  

Please note:

  • Fire Permits are free of charge and are normally valid for 14 days from the day of issue.
  • Permits are not valid until approved by a Lethbridge County Fire Guardian or Designate and you receive a permit number.
  • Be sure to thoroughly read the application to understand your responsibilities.
  • If the Fire Hazard is high, Lethbridge County may impose a Fire Ban which automatically cancels all issued Fire Permits.  Always check our website or the Alberta Fire Bans website for more information and before you burn to ensure no Fire Ban is in effect.
  • Click the link to view the Fire Permit Bylaw: Lethbridge County Bylaw #1424- Fire Permits

For details on what you are permitted to burn, please click the link: Fire Permits - What can I burn?

  • Info! Required Fields *

    This permit is not valid until approved by a Lethbridge County Fire Guardian or Designate and a permit number, date issued and permit expiry date are provided by Lethbridge County. If a site inspection is required, additional conditions may be imposed prior to the issuance of this burning permit. Applications may require further review or be refused if not in compliance with the Fire Permit Bylaw #1424

    • 1. Piles of debris or surface areas larger than 25 meters sq. *
    • 2. Structures *
    • 3. Log piles or large straw bales not including mixed debris *
    • 4. Stubble field *
    • 5. Do you understand that you can only burn wood-based material? *
    • 6. Do you understand your obligations under the Lethbridge County Burning Bylaw? *
    • 7. Do you understand your obligations under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations? *
    • 8. If you answered “Yes” to question 4, do you understand your obligations under the Soil Conservation Act? *
    • 9. Are you in legal control of the lot or parcel of land as herein described? *
    • 10. Have you ensured that adequate clearance has been provided from readily combustible materials (example: grass to be mowed) with material(s)to be burned located a minimum of 7.5 m from ANY structure AND 7.5 m from ANY property line? *
    • 11. Will the appropriate number of competent individuals be on site for the duration of the burn? *
    • 12. Will the appropriate fire extinguishing equipment capable of controlling the fire be available at the burn location? *
    • 13. Have precautions been taken to assure confinement, intensity and size of said burn and to not create a smoke nuisance or hazard to neighboring properties, persons, roadways or traffic? *
  • This information is being collected under the authority of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and the FOIP Act (Section 33) and will be used to identify the particulars of burning activities and to assign responsibility for those burning activities as regulated under the Lethbridge County Fire Permit Bylaw. For more information, please contact the Lethbridge County FOIP Coordinator at 403-328-5525, #100-905 4th Avenue South Lethbridge Alberta T1J 4E4.