Liquid Manure Dragline Program Application

This program is intended to support implementation of dragline based liquid manure application systems. Livestock producers wishing to access land application properties using dragline based liquid manure application systems are eligible for the program. Producers working with custom liquid manure applicators that use dragline systems are also eligible, where there is a demonstrated benefit to the producer or producers.

The program offers a 50% cost share to complete approved pipeline crossing to a maximum of $5000. The cost share can be either cash rebates or County sponsored in-kind project construction support. Each application must be pre-approved and installed to County specifications to be eligible for program support. Installations must meet the approved conditions to receive funding support[1]

[1] Lethbridge County encourages early application due to limited funding. Eligibility is based on program application timing and the projects assessed benefit.

To apply:

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to Matthew Wells at or 403.634.0147.

Application Form