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Dust Control

The deadline for 2020 dust control was April 1, 2020.

Lethbridge County offers Dust Control for County residents.  The program covers products which include chlorides and lignosulfonates and does not include cold mix oil-based products or hot mix paving products.

The application of dust control will begin within the first two weeks of June with due consideration given to weather, road conditions and supply of material.

Applications for Dust Control can be made at the County's Administration Office in Lethbridge or at the County Shop in Picture Butte.

The APPLICANT is required to enter into an agreement with the COUNTY prior to any application of dust control.  Payment of full amount shall be required by the APPLICANT prior to commencement of work.

This dust suppression program is a 50:50 cost sharing initiative between the COUNTY and the APPLICANT.  The APPLICANT is required to pay $5.00 per lineal metre for a minimum length of 100 metres - up to a maximum length of 200 lineal metres, in 50 metre increments.  Dust suppression segments greater than 200 lineal metres will be charged at full cost ($10.00/m) to the APPLICANT.

In consideration of weather conditions, traffic and road structure, there shall be no warranty period with respect to the performance of the dust control. When deemed necessary, the COUNTY will repair unsafe road conditions and return the dust suppression area to a regular gravelled surface.

Applications & full payment must be received in our Lethbridge or Picture Butte office in person to receive your ribbons.


50 lineal meters will be provided to landowners that do not have more than 50 meters in front of their property. Extensions to existing farm oilings must be at least 100 meters on one side or 50 meters on each side of the oiling.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Sue Vredegoor
Telephone: (403) 732-5333
Picture Butte Shop