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Fire Inspections

Man with a clipboard inspects fire extinguishersRegular fire inspections are an important aspect of ensuring public safety in non-residential and specified residential buildings in Lethbridge County.  If you are the owner or business operator of this type of building, you will receive an inspection by a qualified Fire Safety Codes Officer who is authorized in Lethbridge County.

All industrial, commercial, and public assembly buildings will be inspected.  Single-family dwellings and buildings identified as “Farm Buildings” in accordance with the Alberta Building Code are exempt.

 If your building requires an inspection, you will be contacted by a Safety Codes Officer to arrange the inspection.  Once it is complete, the Officer will work with you to help resolve any non-compliant items and ensure your building meets the Alberta Fire Code.  Cooperation between business owners and the Safety Codes Officer is essential to ensure buildings are safe for occupants, the public, and emergency responders.

To help prepare for your inspection, we have created a pre-inspection checklist that may identify any areas of non-compliance that can be addressed.  

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