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Public Engagement

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Image of a wind turbine with URL of website to give feedback on alternative and renewable energy policies

Lethbridge County is updating our Municipal Development Plan, which will be a guide for planning and development in the County for the next 10-20 years.  We are asking for feedback on are alternative and renewable energy policies.

Alternative and renewable energy is becoming more viable in the region and can be an opportunity for economic growth in Lethbridge County. 
The County supports the establishment of and growth of this industry and we see benefits to our municipality, individuals, businesses, and the environment.

Having policies related to alternative and renewable energy in the Municipal Development Plan will encourage development of emerging technologies and support a range of different energy sources. These policies provide siting criteria to minimize conflicts with adjacent land uses, provide opportunities for both large and small scale energy systems, and ensure that all energy developments follow the regulations of the County’s Land Use Bylaw as well as provincial and federal requirements.

The proposed alternative and renewable energy policies ensure that:
- Energy developments are located appropriately relative to other uses
- Applications provide plans and reserve funds to account for the decommissioning of the energy development once its life cycle has concluded
- Applications provide relevant studies and information on potential impacts and how they will be mitigated
- Small scale energy systems are encouraged on the condition that they are sound developments that do not negatively impact adjacent landowners
- Large scale wind energy conversion systems are allowed in the Rural Agricultural District and must meet the standards and regulations as identified in the County’s Land Use Bylaw
- Large scale solar collection facilities must be designated to a Direct Control District
- Large scale solar collections facilities have specific siting criteria and a cap on total amount of land to be developed for these facilities (cap will be reviewed by Council as necessary)
- Biogas/Biofuels/Waste-to-Energy facilities will have specific siting criteria

How do I get more information and give my feedback on these commercial/industrial policies?
Lethbridge County wants to make the updated MDP a community-focused plan, and needs your feedback! The draft polices mentioned in this article can be viewed at:

You are encouraged to review the proposed alternative and renewable energy policies, and provide feedback or ask questions at

To speak directly to Lethbridge County administration on the Municipal Development Plan update and/or the policies within it, please contact:
Hilary Janzen
Supervisor of Planning and Development

Feedback is welcome until August 31, 2021.
To review the current MDP, visit