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County Staff

Administration Directory

Ann Mitchell
Chief Administrative Officer
Larry Randle
Director of Community Services
Jennifer Place
Manager of Finance and Administration
Jeremy Wickson
Director of Public Operations
Devon Thiele
Infrastructure Manager
Darren Gillies
Supervisor of Public Works
Ron Chapman
Fleet Supervisor


David Entz
Community Peace Officer
Byron Fraser
Fire Services Coordinator
Hilary Janzen
Supervisor of Planning and Development403-380-1580
Nathan Hill
Development Planner
Gary Secrist
Supervisor of Agriculture Services
Les Whitfield
Kennedy Ammann
Tax/Utility Clerk
Dana JohnsonHuman Resources Manager403-380-1584
Media Requests
403-380-1587 or 403-328-5525

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Every Council must establish, by bylaw, a position of CAO or another title, such as County Manager or Administrator. The CAO is the administrative head of the municipality. The CAO's responsibilities include ensuring that the municipality's policies and programs are implemented, advising and informing Council on the operation of the municipality, performing other duties assigned by Council, and ensuring appropriate staffing is in place. Every department reporting to the CAO consists of a Director and Managers and/or Supervisors that report to each for their respective departments.  This department also includes Human Resources (HR). Some responsibilities in HR include policy and directive development or implementation, labour relations, training and development, safety, disability management, recruitment, selection and leading the onboarding process.

Municipal Services

Public Works and Fleet Services

Public Works crews carry out the goals and objectives set by Council and senior management in a safe and efficient manner. These functions can include: work crews engaged in the maintenance and repair of the County’s fleet; Summer and Winter Maintenance of County’s paved and gravel road network including: sanding, snow plowing and removal; crack sealing, patching and minor paved road rehabilitation; gravel road grading, graveling, dust control and road re-conditioning; road signage and traffic control device(s) installation and maintenance; drainage and culvert maintenance. Due to the large geographic region of Lethbridge County and its heavy agricultural and intensive livestock operations, gravel road maintenance is one of the biggest challenges.

Fleet Services oversees all shop functions and ensures equipment and vehicle repairs are being performed correctly in a timely, effective and fiscally responsible manner. The department ensures that the County’s fleet is complying with Provincial and Federal Legislation and they conduct annual reviews of the fleet user fees to ensure the established rates cover the fixed and variable operating expenses as well as the capital replacement component for all fleet equipment.

Agricultural Services

Key functions in this department include: liaise with the Agriculture Service Board (ASB), control restricted &/or noxious weeds on public and private lands, roadside mowing and weed spraying programs, and water and soil quality management activities. This department has a high public visibility and impacts on the County environment with respect to quality of services, safety and emergency issues.

Utility Services

The Utilities Department coordinates the daily operation and maintenance activities and the construction of water and wastewater systems and the regional solid waste facilities. The department ensures the integrity of water quality is maintained throughout the County’s water distribution system.

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services department is responsible for facilitating the design and construction of new infrastructure to meet the needs of the County. This includes ensuring all new, residential, commercial and industrial land development complies with the County’s standards, guidelines, policies or expectations. This department is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of digital geographic data of the organization and responsible for the data management of all of the assets that Lethbridge County owns, including buildings, underground utilities, roads, bridges, right of way, and any other structures.

Finance and Administration


This department is responsible for assessing/valuing lands and buildings in the County for taxation revenue purposes. It is also responsible for ensuring conformance to statutory requirements, standards, regulations, County policies and objectives of all appraisals of lands and buildings in the County for taxation revenue purposes. These functions must ensure conformance to statutory requirements, standards, regulations, County policies and objectives.

Finance & Administration

This department is responsible for the financial management, accounting and reporting functions for Lethbridge County. This department evaluates and makes recommendations on financial policy regarding the various operational systems and procedures of the County; designs, implements and maintains control procedures for all County assets; is responsible for secure and effective investment of County funds; coordinates activities of the accounting, payroll and employee benefits, utilities, accounts payable/receivable and purchasing functions.

Information Technology

This department is responsible for managing the efficient and effective delivery of organizational information and telecommunication systems, within policies, administrative directives, and strategic plans, resulting in a maximum level of access and support to all County departments. The department provides user help desk support; training and support for computer systems and installed applications; basic website administration; first level technical support for the County’s line of business applications; as well as other acquired and/or County developed information systems.

Community Services

Planning and Development

This department oversees and manages day-to-day planning matters for the County, and assists with the responsibilities of the Development Authority pursuant to the Municipal Government Act. The department is also responsible for processing development applications and agreements, providing interpretation, explanation and guidance to members of the general public, developers and landowners, Administration, Council and related Boards and responsible for initiating changes, interpretation and enforcement of the Land Use Bylaw.

Economic Development

Economic Development facilitates community and economic development planning and initiatives; identifies and fosters community economic development opportunities; and promotes the community in order to expand economic development opportunities.


Communications plans, develops, implements, and monitors internal and external communications, marketing, branding, public engagement and special event functions for Lethbridge County. Communications also prepares numerous communication materials including: public service announcements, media releases, fact sheets, backgrounders, community newsletters, annual reports, pamphlets, brochures, staff newsletters, website content, and advertisements.

Emergency Services

This department provides effective and efficient responses to day-to-day emergencies through our contracted fire departments. It prepares for, mitigates, responds to and recovers from disasters through the management of Disaster Services. The department educates citizens about and provides enforcement of municipal, provincial and federal laws through the management of Regulatory Services and fosters cooperation and coordination between all Fire and Rescue, Disaster and Regulatory Services.