Town of Coalhurst



Coalhurst was named for its imperial coal mine, which opened in 1911, and for an early settler named Jimmy Hurst.

On the morning of Dec. 9, 1935, Coalhurst was a thriving coalmining town of 1,200 people.  But that afternoon, a major mine disaster struck resulting in the death of 16 miners.  The closing of the mine followed and dealt a blow to the Town that would take years to recover.

In the years that followed businesses and houses were moved out and the town became a virtual ghost town.  It was unincorporated and reverted back to hamlet status.

The 1970s saw a renewed interest in the area and people started to look for a quiet place to live away from the city but close enough to have the benefits.  Coalhurst was the perfect answer.

The Town of Coalhurst is six miles west of the City of Lethbridge on Highway 3.

Reincorporated in 1979, Coalhurst is a relatively new town rising from the prairies: a small, residential community of 2,668 (2016 Statistics Canada) where residents enjoy the amenities of a large city.

Town of Coalhurst
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