Mission Statement


The Agricultural Service Board and Parks Department's Mission Statement is to Enhance the Quality of Life and Promote Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture in the County.

The Agricultural Service Board is committed to the promotion of the quality of life in a rural environment by providing services, information and new technology in liaison with other governments, jurisdictions, agencies and industry by establishing policy that insures statutory requirements and the collective interests of clients are met.

Several key pieces of provincial government legislation that are enforced are the Weed Control Act; the Agricultural Service Board Act; the Soil Conservation Act; the Agricultural Pests Act and the Agricultural Chemicals Act.

The board receives a portion of its funding from the provincial government for carrying out these acts at the ground roots level.

The board rents specific equipment to citizens and carries out mowing, spraying and seeding programs for industry, landowners, other County departments and a number of school grounds and parks in the County.

The Agricultural Department partners with the province and employs a soil technician and GIS programmer to deliver Alberta environmentally sustainable agriculture initiatives.

Vegetation control in the County on road right-of-ways along with weed inspection on private land are a large portion of the duties carried out.

Hamlet and subdivision mowing along with a farm Shelterbelt program are also offered.

The Parks Department is an extension of the agriculture department and maintains and improves all parks and recreation areas under the County’s jurisdiction.