Feed Grains, Straw and Grass Hay


Importers of feed grains, straw and grass hay from out of Province are encouraged to only import those commodities that have been tested and have a negative lab analysis for Fusarium graminearum.

Imported feed grains that are stockpiled on the ground are not covered and are not certified Fusarium free, will be sampled and tested by County Pest Control Inspectors.

Imported feed grain stockpiled on the ground or not covered, that tests positive for Fusarium will be disposed of as outlined in Alberta's Fusarium Best Management Plan.

Imported straw and grass hay testing positive for Fusarium will also be disposed of according to the Best Management Plan.
Imported feed grain must be unloaded in such a manner that spillage does not occur. Spills must be cleaned up immediately and put into the feeding rations or composted.

Producers who require more information on Fusarium can log onto http://www.agric.gov.ab.ca and then under Features scroll to Pests and Diseases, then scroll to Plant Diseases, then to Cereal Crops and then to the Fusarium Management Plan. Producers can also phone the County Agricultural Department (403) 732-4744.

To report a roadside grain spill please phone the above number. If you call after the normal office hours please leave a message.