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Pest & Crop Disease Forecasts for Producers

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Timely Information for Pest Management-Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

June 16, 2017

Bertha traps went up this week in Alberta. Check starting next week to see if bertha is a threat in your area.  Diamondback moth traps came down this week.

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry is getting ready to ship wheat midge pheromone trapping supplies. If you are interested in monitoring a site for wheat midge emergence for them please visit the website above. You need to visit the trap and report counts every couple of days as long as the wheat is susceptible. Check for a link on how to set up the trap.

There is also a link on the website for reporting cabbage seedpod weevil counts. If you happen to start sweeping for weevil, use the handy reporting tool to show what you are finding.

Attention Agronomists: if you are interested, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry can set you up with a link that auto fills your information when reporting cabbage seedpod weevil sweeps.

Insect of the Week

  • June 5- Rove Beetles- Quietly Working for You

This beetle feeds on aphids, mites, eggs and larvae of many other insects present under plant debris, rocks, stones, carrion, dung, and other materials. It is also an important natural enemy of the pea leaf weevil. One species of the rove beetle, Aleochora bilineata, is an important natural enemy of cabbage, seedcorn, onion and turnip maggots.

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