Solar Farm Survey 2019


Survey Header 

Lethbridge County is considering options to allow more flexibility in the Land Use Bylaw with regards to the location of solar farms while also ensuring that high-quality agricultural lands are protected.

Currently, the Land Use Bylaw allows for solar farms to be located on poor quality, lowest productive land, fragmented/irregular shaped parcels or those that are 80 acres or less in size with no irrigation rights.

The Land Use Bylaw does not allow for solar farms to be located on unsubdivided quarter sections and/or agricultural parcels that are 80 acres or greater in size and are considered high quality agricultural lands.

Prior to drafting any changes to the Land Use Bylaw, the County is seeking input from our citizens to better understand views on solar farm development within the County.

Click the link to take the survey: Lethbridge County 2019 Solar Farm Survey