Other County Industries


There are many businesses and opportunities for growth and investment outside of the primary industry.

This includes industries like transportation, construction, manufacturing and food processing.

With the recent increase in land availability within the County, the opportunities for business investment in the area have never been better. Based on a recent survey of a portion of businesses operating in those areas listed above, it is important to highlight the cumulative impact these businesses have on the region in terms of job creation and support of the local economy.

Economic Impact

GROSS SALES = $95,137,000
TOTAL PAYROLL = $9,327,000
• 38 per cent of businesses indicated that they export approximately 37 per cent of their product
• 38 per cent of businesses indicated that they had expansion plans for 2007

* This information reflects only a small portion of the economic impact of these industries based on aggregate data collected from 19 respondents to a survey conducted November 2006.

Industry Participants

Advantage Roofing Ltd.
Berdick Windows & Doors
Bill’s Electric
Brouwer Automotive
Coaldale Lumber and Supplies
Commodity Carriers Ltd.
Don’s Welding
Dutchie Dirt-Moving Ltd.
Fiberglass Shoppe
G. Stacey Trucking
Hummel Dairy Ltd.
Intercontinental Truck Body
I.P. Trucking
JMH Industrial Ltd.
Manser Trucking Ltd.
Newco Commodities Ltd.
Reside Construction Ltd.
Sudo Farms
Walter Allert Trucking