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Population: 315 (2011 Barons Municipal Census)

The “Wheatheart of the West” is uniquely located along Highway 23, with the City of Lethbridge a short 30 minutes (51 km) to the south. This growing community is beautifully landscaped, has a solid mix of commercial and industrial businesses, excellent recreational facilities and provides a safe environment in which to work, raise a family and retire.

Contact: Village of Barons, Municipal Administrator
Box 129, Barons, Alberta, T0L 0G0
Phone: (403)757-3633 Fax: (403)757-2599
Website: http://www.barons.ca


Population: 7,493 (2011 Coaldale Municipal Census)

A modern community of more than 7,000 residents, Coaldale is located 10 minutes (12 km) east of Lethbridge on Highway 3, along the Canadian Pacific Railway line. A strong economy is characterized by an in-depth retail, commercial and industrial core. Coaldale also offers quality education, medical/emergency services and recreational facilities.

Contact: Town of Coaldale, Town Manager
1920 - 17th Street, Coaldale, Alberta, T1M 1M1
Phone: (403)345-1300 Fax: (403)345-1311
Email: admin@coaldale.ca
Website: http://www.coaldale.ca


Population: 2,269 (2012 Coalhurst Municipal Census)

Just seven minutes to downtown Lethbridge, Coalhurst is a small residential town where residents enjoy the amenities of a large city. It is a growing community with great business potential, low taxes, reasonable housing costs, good schools and a low crime rate.

Contact: Town of Coalhurst, Administrator
Box 456, 100 - 51st Avenue, Coalhurst, Alberta, T0L 0V0
Phone: (403)381-3033 Fax: (403)381-2924
Website: http://coalhurst.ca


Population: 1,000 (2011 Nobleford Municipal Census)

Nobleford is a well-rounded, modern growing residential, commercial and industrial community with a strong agricultural base and is located 20 minutes (32 km) northwest of Lethbridge on the Canadian Pacific Railway line and along Highway 23.

Contact: Village of Nobleford, Chief Administrative Officer
Box 67, 906 Hwy Ave, Nobleford, Alberta, T0L 1S0
Phone: (403)824-3555 Fax: (403)824-3553
Website: http://nobleford.ca

Picture Butte

Population: 1,650 (2011 Census of Canada)

Picture Butte is a thriving community with urban amenities in a rural setting and is a wonderful place to visit and live.

Contact: Town of Picture Butte, Administrator
Box 670, Picture Butte, Alberta, T0K 1V0
Phone: (403)732-4555 Fax: (403)732-4334
Email: info@picturebutte.ca
Website: http://www.picturebutte.ca

Other Hamlets and Subdivisions:

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Iron Springs
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Sunset Acres
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