As with all municipalities, Lethbridge County relies on property tax revenue to fund its various operations and ensure that County residents and businesses have access to the infrastructure and services they need to thrive. In 2009, 52 per cent of the costs associated with running the various departments within the county were funded by taxes levied from four assessment categories: residential (including farmsites), farmland, commercial/industrial and machinery/equipment. The remaining revenues required for the County are generated through five other areas: equipment rental, transfer from reserves, sales of goods and services, provincial and federal grants, and other revenues.

Tax revenues generated by Lethbridge County are not allocated to the operations of the Lethbridge Airport or the fleet services department. This helps to ensure that County residents and businesses are not subsidizing airport operations when non-county residents also have access to this important mode of transportation.

The majority of revenues levied by the county are allocated to public works. This ensures that the transportation infrastructure and irrigation systems throughout the county are maintained and expanded to meet the needs of the growing economy. 

Alberta continues to have the lowest provincial income taxes in Canada and no provincial sales tax.

Lethbridge County Total Assessed Value (2018) - $1,953,041,480

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