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With an ideal climate, a well-developed irrigation network and strong municipal and provincial infrastructure, agricultural activity and industry have blossomed in Lethbridge County. Smaller industrial developments such as the Stewart Siding, Rave and Duncan industrial areas have already been successful in attracting numerous light industries and businesses. Broxburn Business Park features more than 100 acres of serviced commercial property. Isolated value-added industries such as McCain’s, Pioneer Seeds and Green Prairie Products have chosen to locate on larger agricultural parcels with excellent highway and rail exposure necessary for their businesses.

The Lethbridge Airport has a significant amount of available land for expanded industrial use. Opportunity exists within this sector for airport development and service enhancement. A current initiative is in place to facilitate the addition of more frequent flights and the addition of other related businesses (hospitality and aircraft maintenance).

Key companies already doing business in this sector are:

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada has plants in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta. The Lethbridge plant employs 130 and assembles and tests the PT6 helicopter engine. Currently 700 airlines use Pratt & Whitney engines and there are 45,000 PWC engines in use worldwide.
  • Lethbridge Airport is committed to maintaining the airport as a self-sustaining entity with no County moneys going toward operations or capital improvements. A number of manufacturing plants and air service businesses are currently located at the airport.


Please note: Rates are subject to change without notice and may be amended from time to time.

Broxburn Business Park

  • Website: Broxburn Business Park
  • Broxburn Business Park: Brochure
  • Location: 3 kilometres east of the City of Lethbridge on Highway 3, close proximity to Highways #4 and #5 and proposed CANAMEX Corridor
    • Fronts onto Highway #3 for commercial, retail and industrial use
    • Frontage lots will see the highest traffic counts in Southern Alberta
  • Features
    • Wide roadways to accommodate large vehicles
    • Landscaped park creates nice entry
    • Attractive pricing and taxes in comparison to land in the City of Lethbridge
    • Servicing completed and will be managed by County of Lethbridge
    • No extra cost to bring services into property
  • Parcel sizes vary from 1.3 acres to 15.0 acres
  • Price: Between $150,000 - $1,000,000 CAD
  • Zoned: Rural Grouped Industrial (RGI)
  • Contact: Doug Mereska or Kendal Hachkowski at (403) 330-3338 or e-mail

Duncan Industrial Park

  • Location: South of Lethbridge on Highway 5, east of the Airport
  • Contact: Lethbridge County at (403) 328-5525

Lethbridge Airport

  • Website:
  • Developer: Lethbridge County
  • Location: 5 kilometres south of the City of Lethbridge on Highway 5
  • Size: 130 acres
  • Contact: Scott Butchart at (403) 329-4466

Rave Industrial Park

  • Developer: Lethbridge County
  • Location: part of the industrial section in the County east of 43rd Street North on 9 Avenue North
  • Contact: Lethbridge County at (403) 328-5525

Stewart Siding Business Park

  • Location: 3 km Southwest of Lethbridge on Highway 4
  • This park has proved to be successful for industrial users looking to save on land costs and taxes
  • Zoned: Rural Grouped Industrial (RGI)
  • Contact: Lethbridge County at (403) 328-5525

Transmark Ltd.

  • Website:
  • Transmark Ltd. is located southeast of Lethbridge on Highway 4
  • The facility can accommodate a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound railroad projects
  • This "first class" facility can accommodate a full unit train off the mainline and has storage capacity for up to 600 rail cars
  • Onsite crane and car switching services as well as access to a private trucking fleet
  • Lethbridge Inland Terminal is located next door to Transmark and both companies share Canadian Pacific Mainline switch access

For more information on real estate within Lethbridge County, please contact the administration office:
Ph: (403) 328-5525