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Snow Piles and Debris in County Road Right of Ways


Post Date:01/04/2017 1:50 PM


January 4, 2017

LETHBRIDGE COUNTY - Clearing snow off driveways into County Roadway - Lethbridge County Public Works are reminding rural home owners not to push snow and other obstructions from their driveways into the County Road Right of Way. This is a problem because the chunks and piles of snow and ice can freeze quickly and become difficult for County crews to remove and damage equipment. These piles of snow and ice also pose a very dangerous threat to traffic on County roads. Obstructions in our Right of Ways also pose a safety hazard to our equipment operators in the winter months as they cannot be seen underneath the snow.

Lethbridge County Policy #303 states, “The owner shall be given 30 days or such shorter period of notice as may be appropriate to remove the obstruction”.

Immediate removal of the obstruction may be ordered should it be deemed a roadway safety hazard. If the owner fails to comply with the instructions given in the time frame provided, the County may remove the obstruction and place it on the closest available land location of the owner, and all costs of this removal shall be charged back to the owner.

The County’s authority in this matter is outlined in Lethbridge County Policy #303 and the Municipal Government Act, Division 2, clauses 16 & 18.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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